Sharky's Neck of the Woods

Hola folks! I'm slowly but surely in the process of changing my website but who knows how long it will take me. I figure eventually I'll find a new pic of myself to put up but for now, I just don't have one so the shark will have to do!

I'm a Pediatric RN at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital here in my native town of Ashland, KY (Westwood actually) where my family and I have lived all our lives. It's not an exciting place usually but you can still leave your doors unlocked without worrying too much so I won't complain!

I am a proud member of the Morehead Area Delta Zeta Alumni and also of theMSU Alumni Association. Dela Zeta now has a website up courtesy of Nationals with links to Alumnae and Active Chapters and much more information. If you'd like to learn more about my sorority, check this Dee Zee page!

Some of my hobbies include reading, watching horror movies, playing with my cute dogs Sassy and Cocoa and IRCing! Those of you that I've met know me as .

I spend most of my online time in #ratmm the rec.arts.mst3k.misc irc channel on so come say "hi" anytime! I've even managed to meet many wonderful RATMMers at events such as Exoticon in 1999, GatewayCon in 2000 and 2001 and the annual gathering (formerly during Exoticon time) in New Orleans in 2002, 2003, and 2004 and I plan to go back again every year! Join us, won't you?

Our Jimmy Buffett channel on DALnet is still alive, but not kicking too hard anymore.. the birth of IM programs has just about done it in, but keep stoppin by, eventually you'll run into somebody there!

For an explaination of IRC and to d/l mIRC go here The mIRC Homepage

Here are a few of my favorite places on the www - hope you enjoy them!

The Church of Buffett, Orthodox maintained by the Original Buffett Listserv's own Chris Wilson. This site is full of great Buffett content including songs you may never hear elsewhere.

Randy Coleman is one of the best new singers I've discovered in recent years and definitely makes the "must listen to" list, check him out!

My cousin Rob is a great folk singer and a wonderful guy (yes, he's single too!), check him out if you like Dylan and other troubadours.

One of my best friends in the whole world is also a wonderful singer, check out luna and see her live sometime! Buy her a cup of coffee and she'll be your friend for life!

If you've seen Halloween:Resurrection, you'll recognize Bianca Kajlich as the poor girl who gets terrorized the most by Michael Myers. She's also starring in a new sitcom this Fall on UPN and my cousin Carl is her webmaster, so check out her site and be sure and email him a "question of the week" for Bianca.

One of these days, I'll put something interesting on this page, but until then, you're stuck with this ;)

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